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Check Ups

Check Ups at Dr. Kacel Keep Cavities and Problems in Check


Healthy teeth and gums require a partnership: you need to take care of your dental hygiene every day and Dr. Steven Kacel and his team (a.k.a our entire dental family) needs to support and care for you on a regular basis. You should be coming in for regular check-ups.

If you’re a first time visitor, we’ll bring your smile to live, but start you off with an initial exam, which will include an assessment of your “bite” — the way your teeth meet as your jaws close. After we have completed a filling or placement of a dental crown, we will test your bite again to be sure the tooth restoration fits well with other teeth. There’s good reason for this attention to bite.

Chewing, tooth wear and joint function all depend on the balanced opposition of teeth in each jaw. Any disruption of a good bite, either by broken, loose, or lost teeth, is trouble in need of repair. In the worst-case scenario – the jaws themselves will develop skeletal problems – and we should discuss orthodontic treatment. There’s good news in the fact that most malocclusions (bad bites) are treatable, especially when Dr. Steven Kacel provides his excellent and experienced treatment.

How We Test Your Bite
First, we locate ill-fitting teeth by routine bite analysis. You will bite down on a sheet of special paper that marks teeth with uneven wear. If this doesn’t tell us enough, we may take impressions, from which study models are built. This gives us a very visual demonstration of what’s wrong.

High points in enamel that interfere with normal contact may be filed away. If you have eroded fillings, Dr. Kacel will replace them.  Lost teeth need a bridge or dental implants to prevent opposing teeth from overgrowth. There are any number of solutions to a bad bite, all important to your dental health—all performed superbly at our Northbrook dental office.

Any time you notice a change in your chewing habits, or feel more pressure than usual on a solitary tooth, bring it to Dr. Kacel’s attention. You’ll notice the abnormality, perhaps even before Dr. Kacel detects it—though he is an excellent defect detector. Since we’ll be working together, tell us your suspicions and, if a tooth is broken or causing other problems or discomfort, we’ll be happy to fix it.

When was the last time you had a checkup? Check with us at Dr. Kacel’s office by calling 847.498.4415 to schedule a consultation.  If you’re a new patient, we’ll make you and your teeth feel at home.

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