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Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Dental bonding with Dr. Kacel is the Easy Way to Beautiful Teeth


Get good-looking good all over again with cosmetic dental bonding. If you need cosmetic corrections for gaps, misshapen, or chipped teeth , you can literally bond with Dr. Kacel in his lovely Northbrook office. We work wonders with new bonding materials, lots of science mixed in with artistry. Tooth bonding is designed to cover any natural flaws by applying a thin coating of a plastic material on the front surface of your teeth. Like the artist Rodan, (a bit of a stretch), Dr. Kacel can literally sculpt the shape of your tooth! Dental bonding is also fantastic for replacing metal fillings with natural-colored restorations.

Dental bonding is the quick, easy, painless way to correct cosmetic flaws and dental damage. At Steven Kacel, D.D.S., P.C., we can discuss all of the ways bonding can dramatically improve your appearance.

Northbrook Dental Bonding — Before and


What Happens if You Don’t Bond?

Without bonding and re-surfacing the teeth, dental problems like decay may be hard to treat or treatment may cause complications. Recession of gums in particular can lead to loose, unstable teeth, making eating of some foods difficult or impossible –goodbye juicy apples and healthy carrots.

Dr. Kacel’s Bonding Process
In Northbrook, Dr. Kacel’s office begins with cleaning, roughening and applying a special resin on the affected tooth before ultraviolet light is applied to strengthen the resin and firmly attach it on the tooth. After the application of the ultraviolet light, the resin is sculpted to take the shape of the tooth.

Unlike other types of dental procedures, there’s no filling involved—the bonding procedure is just designed to  cover the affected tooth to protect it and make it look better. Adults with gums that have recessed can really benefit with the ability to cover spots that have been left exposed. This ensures that the teeth remain strong and attractive. If you want to make your teeth look longer, bonding can also help

Some Bonding Upsides:

  • The Easiest dental procedure –procedure (cleaning not considered)
  • No laboratory or operating theatre. (No damatics either.)
  • Done in office.
  • Lower cost because it is an easier procedure—simplicity leads to savings
  • 30 minutes or so should do it
  • Bonding holds up a long time –3 – 10 years, depending on how well you take care of your teeth and if you eat good, healthy good or not

One Bonding Downside:
Nothing compares to the strength of your natural teeth. They are tough as nails, er excuse us, teeth and while bond material is strong and durable it doesn’t stand up to good, old natural teeth so do be slightly careful when eating—we wouldn’t suggest peanut brittle for example, and be sure to brush, floss regularly , get your teeth and gums cleaned at least twice a year. Any acute problems, contact Dr. Kacel’s office immediately.

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