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Dentures and Partial Dentures

Northbrook Dentures and Partial Dentures Hold their Own for Good Looks


Since it’s human nature to care about your appearance, the ability to put your smile broadly on display after you’ve started wearing dentures takes some courage and getting used to. But that’s not for long. Once you’ve adjusted to living with dentures, your new smile will start to feel like their own, comfort increases more and more—you realize no one is really noticing any difference except you, perhaps—you may seem a lot more confident and appealing and find yourself being elected President of your local chamber of commerce.

New dentures are not really obvious to others.  As time passes and wearers get used to more and more used to their dentures, their new pearly whites will eventually help them feel more confident, with a smile that appears healthy and natural. As a pleasant matter of fact, 67 percent of denture wearers say they smile more often since getting dentures!

We have a bit of fun with remarks about attractiveness and dentistry, but appearance is a gigantic factor in our lives and the success and happiness we achieve.Today’s dentistry—like the kind you’ll find at Dr. Kacel’s office—has evolved; patients have asked of any we’re performing more “cosmetic” procedures thsn ever. Cosmetic/aesthetic dentistry, we are pleased to note is a thriving and growing part of our Northbrook practice. Safe, proven and affordable procedures and materials—getting rid of broken and stained teeth or gaps- is much easier less painful and provides an available opportunity for men and women to look and feel their healthiest best and—to quote a TV commercial— “you’re worth it!”

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