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Teeth are dazzling and valuable gems of nature. They put a bite in our lives; allow us to dig into filet mignon, a honey crisp apple or carrots with a honey glaze. They lighten and brighten our smiles and are critically important to our attractiveness and how confident we look and feel. It’s hard to sink your teeth into a rising career path, if your colleagues are looking at the gaps in your teeth, or bad spacing, stains or one or more missing teeth.

The very good news is that Dr. Steven Kacel’s Northbrook office offers years of experience in all dental procedures and the advanced tools and equipment needed to eliminate dental pain and discomfort, and provide the wonderful cosmetic/aesthetic solutions you’ve been waiting for. We can close the spacing between your teeth; fix cracked teeth,  cavity in your tooth or  stains on your teeth.

Looks perfect. Feels great. Works perfectly.


Dental implants are the natural-looking, just-as-strong, replacement solution for missing teeth. They look as good – if not better – than your original teeth!

Dental implants are permanently anchored into the jawbone so they  are a “fixed” cosmetic dentistry solution offered by  Steven Kacel, D.D.S. As a further amazing courtesy of mother nature, the jawbone eventually grows into the implant making it a natural, long-lasting solution.  Because implants integrate into your bone structure, they help prevent bone loss and gum recession that can occur with bridgework and dentures.

Are Dental Implants for You?
Let Dr. Kacel analyze your individual situation and determine if your oral tissues are healthy enough and your jawbone is in good enough shape to allow the implant to be successful.  If not, he will be happy to recommend another dental makeover solution! One answer can be a dental crown.

Dr. Steven Kacel’s Crowning Touch
One of our specialties at our Northbrook dental office is crowning. You could say “it’s a crowning touch to our wide breadth of expert services” (or not). What is Dental Crowning? It’s a procedure that covers the tooth with a crown or cap that extends all the way to the gum line so it very effectively hides all the unsightly deformities of your tooth. The cap can be made of porcelain, ceramic or metal. Dental crowning can offer you these great solutions:

  • Beautiful, Cosmetic Coveralls: They effectively hide all the yellowing, chipped, and other imperfections in your teeth. A cap can bring your smile to life once again.
  • Strong Support: Caps hold loosely fitting or cracked teeth together and are the crowning touches of dental
  • Protection: Great to protect fillings in teeth or teeth that are decayed. (??? Remove the decay???)
  • Awesome Anchor: Bridges between teeth are anchored to crowned teeth, ensuring a strong, protective cover.


Dr. Kacel Offers Affordable Answers
Many of our patients are concerned about the cost of dental implants. Please don’t let that prevent you from considering this natural-looking, comfortable and permanent solution to damaged, diseased or missing teeth.  We can and will work something out so you can get the treatments you want and need. Our friendly staff will be pleased to explain a wide range of affordable financial options to fit your budget.

Why wait another moment to learn about implant dentistry or crowning that can really change the rest of your life.? Call us today at 847.498.4415 to schedule a consultation.

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